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Our Story

began in 2004.


Playgroup burst into the world with a mission to unleash our love for quirky and witty ideas that pack a punch. We called it "Creativity That Sells", and it's the secret sauce that sets us apart.


Our first big project was with SCTV, a major TV station in Indonesia, where we were entrusted to give their brand identity, positioning, and communication strategy a facelift. It was a beast of a job, but guess what? We totally nailed it! Our end result was so stellar, we could have painted it in rainbows and unicorns.


Our proven track record speaks for itself. After SCTV, we became the cool kids on the block, attracting big names like Samsung, Sony, AirAsia, Polytron, Indofood, Djarum Group, and more to join in on the fun.


In 2008, we stole the spotlight again by teaming up with Djarum 76 to create the legendary "Jin 76". You've probably heard of it, but if not, Google it. It's wickedly cool.


At Playgroup, we mix "Years of Experience", "Proven Track Record", and "Multi-platform Expertise" to whip up solutions that will "Steal the Spotlight" for your brand like a boss!


Though we've grown over the years, we're still the same playful little rascals at heart, always ready to come up with new and exciting ideas.


If you want to see what we're made of, hit up our social media links. Who knows, we might just become your new favorite playmates!

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